Technology Partnerships

Partners In Success

We selectively partner with high performing organizations who are looking to use our technology abilities, experience, and leadership into an organization or venture as an equity partner.

Technology Partnerships

Finding The Right Partnership

Finding the correct fit is critical to the success of a partnership. While we certainly would like to join efforts with many businesses and ventures, our partnership opportunities are limited.

What To Expect from A Partnership

We will own and perform all aspects of the technology infrastructure analysis, budgets, projections, and roadmaps. Your organization will have a fully invested technology partner who can be relied on and trusted to move the organization forward with you.

Who We Are Looking to Partner With

We are looking to partner with businesses and ventures who are looking for an experienced and successful technology partner to drive development and innovation.


Connect With The Partnerships Team

Complete the following information to have a Snooks Technologies partnerships team member follow up with you. Please be as detailed as possible.


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