Cloud Services

Services for All Major Cloud Providers

Management of servers and services in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Services

Priority On Cloud Security

Having resources in cloud servers and services ends the need to manage hardware, which is a major benefit of moving to a cloud provider. However, there are many security considerations which are often overlooked, entirely unknown, or arise after a migration. Security is our #1 priority in all aspects of our cloud services; we take all necessary precautions to ensure security at every step of a cloud migration. Post migration we use cloud security monitoring tools and perform scheduled deep security analyses of cloud networks and applications.

On-premises-to-Cloud Migration Services

We offer full on-premises-to-cloud migration services and ensure the cloud technology stack is optimally configured and secure. We have experience migrating many technologies and workloads to cloud providers including; Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, email server and services, applications, databases and database servers, web applications and web servers.

Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

Cloud providers are constantly releasing new features and updates. Sometimes it can be of benefit to move services from one cloud provider to another. This can be for improved performance, better pricing, security, interoperability, or technology stack. We have experience migrating between clouds environments and services.

Right-Sizing of Cloud Infrastructure

We regularly review infrastructure performance and right-size cloud environments to ensure businesses and organizations are not over-paying for unused cloud resources and receive the most value from cloud infrastructure investments.

Costs & Pricing

The cost of cloud services management is dependent on the services provided. Please contact a Snooks Technologies cloud services expert for more information.

Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

  • Application Servers & Services
  • Web Servers & Services
  • Database Servers & Services
  • Security Appliances & Services
  • Microsoft Cloud environments including Microsoft 365 and Azure
  • Google Cloud environments including Cloud and Workspace
Cloud Services

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